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Can two LOR units have the same ID #

Scott Loftus

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I built two mega trees this year and want them to mirror each other. Instead of using alot of zip wire to contect each tree, Can I put a LOR unit on both trees and assign the ID the same for both units? WIll this mess anything up?


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Jeff Millard wrote:

It works just fine assigning the same address to two controllers. They both mirror and there is no negative effect. Your plan will work fOK or your trees.


Jeff is correct. Here are a few considerations:

In the Hardware Utility, the "Refresh" command may not list those two controllers or list them with incorrect type. This does not affect the show.

Again in the hardware utility, things like firmware upgrades and attempts to download a standalone sequence will mess up if you attempt to do so to a Unit ID that has more than one controller assgned to it.

In the future a controller that is used for input (triggers) has to have a unique ID in the network...

With all that stuff said, what you are trying to do will work fine. The two (or more) controllers with the same Unit IDs will act as clones.

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