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Pixie 16d Power Issue

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I just made the dumbest mistake and am hoping that my board is not fried.  While completing multiple tasks at once, I made the mistake of plugging the Pixie 16d board directly into a 120v outlet instead of going through the 12v power supply  (please don't ask how I made this mistake...ugh!).  Now, when plugged in properly, the status LED will not light up on the board.  Is there sort of fuse that I can replace or can the board be reset somehow?  I have attempted to hold down the reset button but no luck.  None of the individual strand fuses are blown and there is no visible damage to the board.

Thank you in advance for your input. 

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The ports are individually fused on the Pixie16 and not the board. You may just have to bite the bullet on that board. Contact the help desk as they may be the only ones to help you in this case.

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