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Getting rusty and forgetting how to do a chase

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Good afternoon, I don't remember how to create a chase for in the same CCR string, I would like to make a green-red-white chase either way from left to right or right to left, similar to the sandevices.com initial video, or similar to one of the sandevices board test patterns 11 to 29.


Thank you in advance.

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You do a chase pattern with a morph. You can set a beginning color and an end color for the heard. You can also set a beginning color and an end color for the tail.

To go from green to red then to white you would need to create a green to red morph and then have a red to white morph right after it. You would probably want them to overlap by .05 seconds to make sure there is no gap between the.

There is a video tutorial on morphs. Go to the lightorama main website, click on "support" then click on "Tutorials and PDFs"  Scroll down to the superstar section. The second tutorial in the superstar section is on morphs.

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I have a question about a chase I am trying to make on a single CCRII ribbon.

I would like to load successive pixels with Red, White, and Blue. Then, have the entire show march to the right. Would like to have the color scheme continue ad infinitum; in other words, as the lights march right, the leading pixels are illuminated with the next color in the sequence. The effect I am trying to get is Red/White/Blue (repeated for all pixels) marching across a single CCRII ribbon.

Trying to do this in the SS editor has stumped me: it only lets you put one color on the ribbon at a time. If I try to add a different color, it changes all previous colors to the new one.

This happens in the scene and Morph editors.

Am I missing something or is this not possible?

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Now all I have to do is study how it works so I can modify the timing and overall length.


Thank you.

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