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Trouble with new TSO upgrade SD card


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Having troubles with the new upgraded TSO card. My equipment is as follows LOR1602Wg3-MP3, LOR1602Wg3, 7- pixie 2 ver3. controllers. All controllers and built in MP3 have been updated to the latest firmware. Metal box controllers are set to run reg. LED bulb mini trees, and leaping arches, 16x25 pixel tree set to ID 40. 2ch, pixel controllers are set to 20 22 24 26 28 2A 2C. My problem is while the pixel tree runs fine all my other pixel props run whacky. If I use network 1 only the #1 pixel lights. If I use network jack 2 I get half of the pixels on my 100 ct.props, and all on my 50 ct. props. And they have separate sections of color almost like they are acting like the pixel tree. when In my mind because of the ID settings they should respond as all one color I even set my log. resolution to 1 to do this. Now the old TSO card runs fine with no problems. I was told by the help desk the only changes on the updated card where the support of the 16x25 tree and the singing faces and it ran a higher network speed Ive check my equipment and it should support 500k. I am welcome to suggestions.   P.S I have an iPhone video of the problem but its to big a file to post, so mail me if you need to see.

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