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16-D 5v Pixel tree went dark last night


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This device has been working fine. What I can tell every one is:

-the unit has power as the fan is running and the red led is blinking.

I tried a different Cat 5 cable and went direct to the Director and no change in status.

I pressed the white test button (S1) and no test pattern.

Mr.P had told someone else to power down the unit and move a jumper from 4-5 to 5-6 repower and watch the led, if it flashes faster for how long?? then power down and move the jumper back to 4-5  I DONT know if this info was /is for the same type device. but I looked thru older questions first.

Any Help???


Thanks, Jack

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If its a pixie16 to reset


1- power on

2- push and hold the white button and at the same time have someone unplug the unit

3- continue to hold the button dow and plug the unit back in

4- when the led flashes fast release the button


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