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S4/S5 Sequences drop channels when played in show


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So this is an odd one I just cannot figure out, so I thought I would come here and try to get some advice.

A few things to start off...

Windows 10 Pro 64bit laptop
4GB memory
1 x 16 channel LOR residential controller running dumb LED singing xmas trees
1 x ETC Net3 4 Port DMX "Gateway" (term used by ETC for their E1.31 devices) - running DMX RGB LED strips and moving heads

When I run a sequence in the sequence editor (S4 or S5) it runs fine, no problems at all. But when I take even just that one same sequence and place it into a "show" and run the show, channels drop randomly. Parts of the singing trees will vanish and come back. Then later in the sequence, other parts may vanish. Movers, although programmed in LOR for the zoom to be 100% for the entire sequence, will do the first ON/OFF in the correct gobo and colour and zoom, but the next time it turns on all the gobo/colour/zoom attributes will be reset...even though I have confirmed in the sequence editor that the attributes do not change at all throughout the song.

I have tried:
- different computers (3 of them at this point)
- disabling "use compressed sequences"
- disabling "show player memory restarts"
- disconnected various parts of the show (the movers, the LED strips, the trees) with no change
- tried "show on demand" as well with only 1 sequence in it - that works fine in the sequencer

Seems something is very buggy with the show editor program since the same sequences all play fine without issue in the sequence editor itself.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be amazing. Thanks so much in advance.


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