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Show scheduling question in S4

Dave Plummer

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I'm having trouble getting my show to shut down at night this year now that I've added musical sequences to the mix.   For the past may years I would schedule a 1 minute startup, a 30 minute animation that would loop, then a 1 minute shutdown sequence.    This would run from 4:45-9:45 daily.

This year I've added the singing light bulbs.   My plan is to run one song every half an hour from 5:30 to 9:30.   I created a show that has my 1 minute startup.   The animation section looks like the following:

1  30 min show

2  15 min show

3  singing bulbs (approx 2-4 mins depending on song)

4  25+ min show (to complete the remaining 30 minutes)

5  Repeat 3 &4 7 more times with various songs

6  15 minute show


this should then trigger the shutdown show right around the scheduled time of 9:45.   

I then have a sequence that starts at 9:50 that leave a couple of strings on my various megatrees to help my security cameras overnight.

The lights have not shutdown at all this week.  I end up forcing them off around 10PM.   As soon as I disable the show then reenable it goes directly into the nighttime show.    What should I do to make the lights go off at 9:45(ish)?   I have read that the show loops until the scheduled end time is reached which I'm assuming means that the loop must complete before it goes to shutdown.    I've tried backing up the scheduled shutdown by about 5 minutes hoping that stops it from looping, finishes it's run then shuts down but that hasn't worked.    

Any ideas as to how to make this work?

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Yes, should be able to help, but I'm on my phone.  I'll give an answer when I get to a computer.


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