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Hi Everyone.  I'm new to using RGB and the Pixie 16.  When you first set up the unit, you want to give it a unit number.  Fine.  What about the comm port?

Does it run on the same comm port as the traditional lightorama controllers?

I'm not clear on how that works.  Can you run different comm ports on the same computer to control different devices or does everything have to be on the same comm port?

I plan on daisy chaining the controllers.  The Pixie 16 first in line then 4 more traditional 16 channel controllers.

I have the high speed USB 485 adapter (red one).

Any help is HIGHLY appreciated!

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First things first, with a Basic license you won't be able to run the Pixie 16. The Pixie 16 will use 16 ID's. So if you assign it to unit 01, it's going to use 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 , 07, 08, 09, 0A, 0B, 0C, 0D, 0E, 0F and 10. You will need a Pro license to with the Pixie. Personally, I would suggest addressing your Pixie with 20 or 30, so you have some room at the lower numbers to grow in the future.

Second: Check the Network Speed Page. http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/ - If all of the controllers and adapters that you have will run a common speed, then you can put them on a single network. (A network would be a RS485 adapter with controllers connected to it.) When you plug in the adapter the computer will assign it a COM port. You can then use the LOR Network Preferences tool to configure those networks for the proper speed.


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I need to update my profile.  I do have the pro license.  Sorry about that!

Yes, my controllers are all Gen 3 or newer.

Thanks for the reply!!

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I just looked.  My traditional 16 channel controllers have 1.06 firmware installed on them.  What version do you need to run the network at 500k?  I believe I read or heard that is the speed the Pixie 16 should run at, correct?

The newest firmware is version 1.11.  Do I need that?   Or is it not worth it to update it?

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I would leave the FW alone for now (too close to the day).

A Gen3 should do 500K.


do you have a Red (HS) adapter?  The Black may not cut it (some folk get away,but...)

Also I wold really like to get people away from COM port and Controller thinking.  My COM#'s are 11,12,13,14 BUT they can be anything valid.

Windows talks to COM#. LOR Adapters connect COM# to LOR Network names (Regular, AuxA, AuxB ...). Those are what your sequences use

You can use the Network Utility to MAP the PC's COM -> LOR If you switch PC's 💡 Label yor adapters with their LOR net name (if more than just Regular), That way you can always connect the controllers to the correct Net.


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