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In the sequencer program, how to add an additional controller to the sequence already created.

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I am trying to add an additional controller into the sequencer.  I am trying to add additional channels to the prop definitions, but I can not find a way to add a row.  The additional controller is accessible, if I change the channel number but not sure how to modify to add some additional rows.

Any help would be appreciated.



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If no one answers before I get home from work, I will answer you tonight.  It is really simple, I just do not have the specifics in front of me here.  You will want to export the view when you get it where you want it, and then import that view on your other sequences to see it.  You will get indications that the new prop/device/channels are being added as you bring up other sequences but will not see them until you apply the new view.

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In S5 you create a prop, add a controller, or define additional channels on a controller via the preview.  Once you have done that, then over on the list of channels find where you want to insert the new channels or controller and press your right mouse button.  On that pop-up menu will be the option to "Insert preview props and groups" with a little arrow pointing right.  It is that arrow that opens up a sub-menu where you select to add the item above or below the current item.  Select which one you want and the an "Insert props and groups" pop-up will now be displayed where you select the item(s) you want to insert.  Press "OK" on that once you have your selections made and the items will now appear on your sequence.  You can organize that list of channels down the left side by simply using your mouse to select an item and drag it to where you want it.

Once you have it organized to your liking, you can export that view for use in your other sequences.  Open the "Sequence" menu item on the main tool bar (very top) and at the bottom of the list will be the "Grid Configuration" "export" and "import".  Export it and now you can utilize it later.  I called mine "Christmas 2020".

When you open another existing sequence, you will see "The preview for this sequence has changed since the sequence file was last saved".  Just select "Continue" and then "OK" on the pop-up that says "These props have been added to the sequence:".

Once your sequence is loaded, select to "import" the Grid Configuration and the new channels/devices should now appear once you select that view from the selector on the top of your channel list.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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This worked great, I now have my two newer 16 channels, connected to my old school controller.  The design came out well.  You can check out the second video on the site to see the outcomes.

Thanks for your help,



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