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Where are people buying their ribbon or are they making it?  Which way is easier.  I need some custom lengths for the house but I am trying to figure out a way to complete the tas.  I want to work on it throughout the year so I am ready for christmas next year. 

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Ribbons normally come in 5m lengths. Cutting an soldering is usually required for custom fitting around windows. Soldering strips is tricky and time consuming and will need to be water proofed after completion. Do not even think about the slide on connectors, they are incredibly unreliable.

Strips are fragile and don't respond well to repeated handling and you can expect failures on a fairly regular basis. They need to be mounted to something rigid like PVC or J channel.

Give some thought to pixel strings, bullet or square as they are much more reliable and easy to handle. They can be mounted in a Boscoyo style pixel mounting strip to get an even spacing.

You will still need to acquire soldering skills, and there is a lot to learn about how and what to connect them to.

There is an awful lot of info in these pages so look around, and ask questions.


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What Phil said. (I was going to do a tongue in cheek about how much specialize equipment is needed just to mount the Chips yourself).

RIBBO (dumb or smart), has cut points. This is because there are usually 3 LEDS w/chip (1 node count) per section.

second the push on warning. Looks cool is #$%^

BUY SPARE ROLLS, repairs will stand out if you don't use the same batch

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I see you can also make your own stripes. I want to do it so the only thing I have to do is just connect the extension cords to it and make it run. I know the ones around the yard have to go up and down every year.just trying to figure out if I want to go right to RGB or use the regular lights 

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