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so I have a projector that we use from time to time.  Havent done it in a few years but we are this year.  I made my .wav video file and used it as my media for my sequence.  I clicked "show video" "full screen" under view.  Usually have no issues.  Plug the cord into my computer to the projector.  Show comes on, video goes up.  Not this year.  video comes up on the screen little, when I make it full size all is well until it's time for the show to repeat.  It doesn't.  I've done it this way before.  Not sure what is going on.  i am using 4.4.8   Anyone have any ideas... am I skipping a step ? it has been a few years.

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I had same problem video would show up left top corner after second time around  ..not sure if I just fixed it ..seems to be working now ..I noticed computer power option was on sleep and display shut off after 10 mins ..I I put setting on (never)and it’s seems to be working ..just ran for 40 mins and seems fine 

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