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OH I know I 'missed the boat'...


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and i know its the height of the season....   So, come spring, I'd want to get LED RGB Spots shining up from the front of my house and via FM transmit the music.... so i could do sports, holidays, etc.

Sync up to local Chicagoland sports songs and then also tie it out to holidays....

I guess my question is where to start?  what do i need? where do i start?   

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I am a newbie also.  I like simple standard houshold christmas lights so went with the 16PC controller.  You will need a controller for the RGB ( i dont remember what that was).  the lights obviously, A laptop to run your sequences, And your sequences (which is where you loose all the time you thought you had), cords and lots of time. I hope someone does more introductory video really laying out what things are and how to turn on your first show.  There are exponential variables but there are basics that one will need to know.  This is a super basic overview and i probably missed some stuff with RGB but someone else can fill that in. I hope that helps.

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the CMB24 has 24 DC channels but don't get confused that you have spares. Nope: R,G,B = 3 channels per  Or 8 RGB devices.

And Yes, you can use each one for monochrome type lights

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