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Beginning Conversion to S5 for 2021...archived channel questions plus a couple more


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After many hours of reading and watching videos, I have converted 3 of my 36 sequences to S5.  Watching my SuperStar sequences in the visualizer with my other 360 channels of props is impressive. I have used LOR since 2007 when I started with 128 channels.  However, I have some questions...

1.  My existing sequences all has SuperStar sequences for a 12 ribbon CCR tree.  When I created the visualizer I used the SuperStar prop for the CCR tree, configured the channels to my original addresses and it runs fine in the visualizer.  However, the convert creates a complete set of redundant channels in the archive.  I have tested deleting them and it did not affect the playback in the visualizer so I assume it will drive the controllers properly in a show?  Is this a correct assumption?

2. I have several props that I created multiple copies of as they are physically connected in the real world..my net lights as an example.  Red, green, and white on 8 bushes and all connected and controlled by 3 LOR channels.  I noticed the copies are not recognized during conversion so I have to copy and paste the sequence cells into each copy to see them work properly in the visualizer.  These 8 clones also have the same addressing to make them work together in the visualizer.  It does generate channel conflict errors that I ignore.  Will this cause any issues in reality?  Also, is there any other way to connect multiple props other than assigning them the same channels?

3. While I have been successful at getting all of the "bulb/led" props into the visualizer I have a remaining challenge and need some advice.  I have 7 custom characters that sing and "move" in the show by controlling rope light limbs, mouths, and eyes.  All of the channels to light the frames and control the limbs are in the archive mode right now.  What is the best way to get the characters into the visualizer and assign the archived channels to the correct frame, arm, leg, mouth etc?  Can one make archive channels active without a prop?  I noticed an option in the archive management tool to move them to the design.

Thanks in advance, 

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First of all, I am going to beat you up a little.  If you are talking S5, please get used to using the S5 terminology.  There is no visualizer in S5.  Your layout is created in the Preview Editor.  Although it is better than it was when S5 first came out, importing the layout from S4 Visualizer is somewhat problematic.  I ended up building my layout entirely from scratch in S5.  worked much better.

For your questions, #1 - see my previous paragraph.

#2 - There is a proper way to do that so you don't get the duplicate channel error.  when you are creating the prop under Channels is "Uses the same channels as" with a dropdown to select an existing channel.  Note that at least originally, you still had to correctly enter the channel information below that.  I don't know if that got fixed.

#3 - It's been long enough since I have done that such that I don't remember.  Sorry.


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Answer to number 2 worked fine.  No more conflicts.  Hope someone can share some insight for my Number 1 and 3.   I created my preview from scratch in S5 as well.  I used basic animation in S4.  I did import that as a test into S5 and it worked but the preview capability is great in V5 so now have created a full preview with my property in the background minus my characters at this point.  After using LOR for 12 years prior to S5 it  will take a bit of time to switch gears on certain terms.  Thanks

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Figured out how to do my characters.  Took a bit of time but used various shapes to create the characters, made sure to use "same channels as" to link body outline parts and then created arms, legs, eyes, mouths as separate pieces with proper channels.  Last step was to create a group for all the pieces to allow movement as a single entity like Snowman or Singing Tree.  Now just number 1 left to answer.

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