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Trouble with imported Boscoyo star prop


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I am having issues importing a Boscoyo star as a prop in S5.  When I create a preview importing the star by itself, it shows up in the sequencer as 3 lines representing the three separate rings.  But when I import it into a preview that contains my Mega Tree, it is only 1 line that is "X'd" out in the sequencer.  I have insured that the proper Unit ID and Network are selected.  I have done a side by side comparison of the props and the settings are identical.  There are photos below to help.  What am I missing?

Star Preview.PNG

Star without tree.PNG

Star with tree.PNG

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MORE INFO: I went into the preview that contained only the star and I added my Mega Tree.  Then when I open an animation sequence using that preview, the star can be sequenced but the Mega Tree is now one line that is "X'd out" and cannot be sequenced. That is the exact reverse of what happened above when I added the Mega Tree first, followed by the star.

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14 hours ago, k6ccc said:

Right click  Add / Modify Motion Effects Rows


Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried it and while it certainly gives me a workaround, it does not break out the rows of rings on the star like the middle photo above does.  But at this point, it may be the only solution I have.

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