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Tim Meyer

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Using LOR V.3.9, created a sequence for my lights (no music), got thru connecting controller and was able to test lights. Instead of using show editor and show scheduler, I decided to use Simple Show Builder. Loaded a sequence with days and times set, runs with no issues, so far, except I can't figure out why the Simple Show Builder will not reopen so I can make changes to the sequences, days and times. When I bring up the list from the LOR control panel click on the menue to reopen Simple Show Builder, nothing happens. I have tried to open SSB several different ways with no success. I am running SSB from the laptop and not MP3 or SD card. Any ideas on how to reopen SSB would be VERY helpful. Yes, I am new to ALL of this even tho I have had the program and 16 channel control for about 8 years.

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Got it. Disabled the show but SSB would not open so I restarted the laptop, fired up LOR control panel, clicked on SSB and bingo it opened and now i can make my changes.

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