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Visualizer - unit ID/circuit settings for Bullet light strings


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We have purchase 2 pixie controllers, and 4 strands of 100 bulbs each.  Two strands connected to each controller.  We have been able to set this up in the hardware configuration and test them.  That all works fine.

We have been not been able to successfully add them to the visualizer in Sequencer.  We are unclear of how to setup the unit ids/circuits in the visualizer.

i thought they said the unit ID doesn’t have to match what we setup in the hardware utility and no matter what I enter, it doesn’t work right.  It shows conflicts and when I create a show and play it, the lights do not work.  I am sure I am missing something.

we last setup:

unit id “01”, circuit 1-150

unit id “01”, circuit 151-300

unit id “02”, circuit 1-150

unit id “02”, circuit 151-300

Any suggestions on what we are doing wrong or missing with this?

i have been able to get the sequence to play with two strands (using the configuration in the first two units above) but when I play the show, no lights turn on.  What are we missing?

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Using Sequencer v5.5.16 and in the preview. (Sorry, got my terms mixed up from the upgrade we just did😁)

also tried this:

unit id “01”, circuit 1-300

unit id “01”, circuit 301-600

unit id “02”, circuit 1-300

unit id “02”, circuit 301-600

it didn’t work either.

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2 Pixie controllers?

Pixie#1 ID 1 Port1

Pixie#1 ID 2 Port2

Pixie#2 ID 3 Port1

Pixie#2 ID 4 Port2

Fist Pix on ANY port is 1

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