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HELP! Missing avi file that really is not missing - Solved


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Well, my first run of my show was going well until the next to last song.   Only a few of the lights were working and most of the yard was dark.  So I came in and looked at the status to verify what file played and then opened that file in S5 Sequencer.  It told me that there was a missing file reference.  I sequence almost entirely in SuperStar and for this song, I did almost the entire song as one Insert SuperStar Effects.  So that one file is almost everything.  Here's where it gets funny.  The file is present and plays just fine as an .avi file.  Beats me why it could not find it.

So I typed that first paragraph and then tried something that worked.  I figured since I had typed this far, I might as well post the solution in case someone else has this issue.  Under Menu > Sequence > File references, I was able to see the missing file.  One of the options is to Change File.  I clicked on that, which brought up a popup that let me select the same file to use.  That worked!  Saved the sequence with a new name, compressed it, edit the file name in MIIP, and next time it played, it worked correctly - Whew!

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