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Yep Channel Ten News showed up

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Last nite was start nite for our display.  7PM was kick off ,I started it a little early to make sure all was working.   I was standing across the street, folks were slowing down and looking.  A big van pulls up with the headlights in my eyes and a Lovely lady with MIC in had hops out and says ,hi, I am from Channel Ten News, I had no idea they were coming. My husband had posted on our neighborhood site about the display and Channel Ten got it and wanted to see the" Fan Fare For Common Man" sequence which I did for COVID 19 and also the Believe song from Polar express.

We were interviewed and they shot a lot of video, and they stayed and did a live shot from the house at 11. While they were here several families  showed up and they got to see the delight in the children and also the adults.   One little 10 year old boy said to me ,Thank you Mr David , I owe you a debt of gratitude, this year has been very hard on my Mom and my sisters, this makes it all go away, thank you! I didn't cry in front of him but I did. YEAH, and that's why we do it

WOW, seeing my self on TV , I never knew my nose was so big and thank GOD for Just For Men Moustache dye.

More sequence work to do today , didn't get where I wanted yesterday, after all day at the computer. Plus couple of bugs to fix ,it's always something, I will do it again in a heart beat !!!!!!!

Merry Christmas Happy new Year

Be safe

David L Hardin   DLH LITES

PS: you can maybe see it on the web, Channel Ten News WPLJ Mia from Last nite

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Very cool David.   Seems the news crews are out and about roaming neighborhoods everywhere looking for unique Christmas Displays to showcase this year. 

Saw one of the local channels in Orlando cruising around my neighborhood, but I'm still quite a ways from being ready to go live just yet.

What made it worse for set up this year{2020} for me, I had a tote disappear that had hand tools, a few long extension cords, my 10 outlet homemade outside power grid and a couple or so power stakes I normally use to do my set up for Christmas.   Looked everywhere for that tote, but nowhere to be found, so running power to my controllers this year has been a royal pain without my usual outlets to get power closer to the the controllers.



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