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G3-MP3 will not load sequences with loops


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Hi Folks

I recently added a a couple of loops to an animation sequence for the first time. 

The sequence plays fine in Sequence editor but when I load it to an SD card with Hub and put it in my G3-MP3 the device will not initialize.

Actually, the  G3-MP3 stays on the INIT screen even after the SD card is removed. The G3-MP3 is hung up in this state until the power is removed and the unit resets. 

Things I have tried:

  • Updated LOR SW to 5.5.16 (I was on 5.5.x but x was not 16)
  • Updated G3-MP3 firmware to 5.38. I am sure I was WELL behind.
  • Just in case there was some thing in the original sequence, I created a brand new single prop 10s animation with no loop - it played fine. Added one 5 second loop.... G3-MP3 will not load it. 

I can live without loops I guess, but seeing as I've spent a few hours on this tonight I figured I'd post here to see if anyone has any pointers?

Thanks in advance



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I know I've used  a loop with a Director in the past.   So the newer ones should be able to use a loop.

  But I don't think the Director can handle nested loops.

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Thanks @Orville - It's just a single loop and I copy/pasted my way out of it. I'll go back and try again at some point.

For now....I have bigger (water) problems to solve!  Thanks for the reply. At least I know it should be possible. 

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  • 10 months later...

I tried a loop with a simple halloween sequence hoping the directorwould repeat the sequence over and over until my end time was reached. It only played it once.  THe help desk pointed me

in the right direction. It was a simple oversight on my part. In the hub there is a selection called "continous play"...daaahhh. Problem solved

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