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16 X 50 CCR Mega Tree Please Help

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Hi everyone. I have been using S5 for a year and have a small pixel tree now. I bought a mega tree 16 x 50 with CCR ribbon. I change the HW ID with the Dips to 5. I can control the tree in the HW utility. I added the prop to Sequencer but when I try to put motion effects or turn on the lights at all, nothing happens. I'm a little lost here. 

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4 minutes ago, GOTOTHIS said:

My version says  5.3.12 Pro. Not sure why my profile says advanced. I don't remember selecting that when I registered. I use motion effects on my smaller pixel tree.

Your profile states 5.5.14 Advanced. We base our answers on what we see you are working with. Update your profile.

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