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S5 SuperStar Problem


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Insert Superstar Effect in S% is not working for me. When working with my 16x25 pixel tree in the Light O Rama S5 Sequencer I go to the Pixel Tree Row and right click on it and click on Select Row. After that I right click on that row and click on “Insert Superstar Effect”.

Once inside the Superstar Sequencer program I go to Layout and Select CCR Mode, Number of CCR’s is set to 8, Ribbon Length is set to Half and I click OK. I then get everything the way I want it to look like in Superstar and then I click the X in the Top Right of the window and then a window pops up asking if I want to save the changes.

I click “Yes” and it looks like it put the information in the Motion Effect Row in the sequencer but when I play it nothing happens. The pixel tree does nothing. When I click on the Pixel Tree in the Sequencer and go to the Prop Definition it is set to the correct Unit ID.


Does anyone have any ideas why Super Star doesn’t seem to be saving the motion effect row information or why it would not be working?

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OK, why are you trying to set the layout within SuperStar?  That should all be coming from the Preview.

Are you doing sequencing in SuperStar or just trying to set the configuration?  The config should all be coming from the S5 Preview.


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I have actually tried both ways. In Fact I got 7 sequences done and working just fine and then I upgraded to 5.5.16 and now all of a sudden nothing is working from Superstar. When I play the sequence its just a black screen and doesn't play the superstar stuff. Anything I do in Light O Rama sequencer works just fine and works on the pixel tree but if I go into SuperStar and back tot he sequencer then its like SuperStar is not passing the information back or something.

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