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Problem with pixcon16 mkII


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Hi guys, I know that you are all full of work, many if not all, turn on November 26 for Thanksgiving, which is not celebrated here in Italy, but given the amount of work done every year I have decided too 'I will start first, I will turn on the 29th. Unfortunately I have a situation to resolve, which has never happened to me before. I have always had my pc dedicated to the show for more than 6 years always working, never used, only for the show. This year I bought the new PixCon16 MKII, one I set it with NP but I still have to connect it to the lights, while another one after setting it went to replace a pixcon16 with an old firmware version v.1.3.12, of which one the channel does not seem to work and I was feeding the 16-stripe tree. The situation is this, the show begins, after a few sequences the lights on the board all turn off. I go look for it with NP it works, I try the colors and go, I start with the show and after a while it turns off again. I also have another PixCon16 turned on, but it still works. I also noticed that having another old card on the net with v. 1.4.12, when I go looking for them, they don't all come out together, mostly MKII always comes out, and after several attempts, sometimes the others come out with old firmware versions. You know how to give me some clues, I would be grateful. Greetings to everyone from Ancona, Italy, from Pierpaolo happy grandfather. Sorry for being long-winded.



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