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COMS good, but FID errors


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This year started up with same setups and getting errors on FID protocols.  I have three coms running.  Regular network, and two auxilliaries. Version 4.3.34 Pro.  I had one spare USB and plugged it in, had to change the com port as it recognized it differently and it ran.  I still have two networks down.  Is there some new software that goes with the USB 485's this year that ties back to Windows 10?  I can unplug the com ports and plug back in and the PC sees all fine in device manager, but cannot get system to recognize the USB's

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The drivers are the same and I haven't seen any updates for the ftdi drivers.

You could uninstall in device manager and download a fresh copy.

Unplug all the usb adaptors before you uninstall and don't plug them back in till you have reinstalled the fresh one 

Reboot and plug in one at a time and note which com port appears and record it for your network settings 

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