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CMB 24 channels flashing


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I just spent a few hours chasing this.  CMB24 FW 1.05  ( ID's 3,5,7) Net AuxB  LOR 4.4.12 Pro

Control Panel started. Red LED on all units steady. No schedule, No HU or SE loaded.

Channels 1, 5 ad 6 Flash on every 30 seconds or so. (error/status flash?)

I did a reset (sw 12) on all 3 units

IF I load SE, but no sequence: 1,5,6 are steady

FWIW I have also seen CTB16PC (ID 8) turn on 1 string

NB I have 2 more CMB24 (on AuxA), but ports 1 and 2 are not used at this time

Anybody else seeing this wierdness

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OK Answering my own post.

The CTB16PC Gen3 was corrupt and must have been spewing to the other 5 controllers on the Net.

At first I thought there was a standalone show in one of the controllers, so I reset every one

Then I noticed: HU showed the FW as 1.1?  for ID 01

(this glitch may have been the reason the GFCI tripped. Random fast, non-visible changes. We will see tonite

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