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6v incandescent mini bulbs


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I know I could just retrofit with LEDs, but some people in my family like the legacy incandescent candy canes, so I need to find replacement bulbs.

The difference with this string is that the bulbs are smaller in diameter than other 6v bulbs I have found, which wouldn't fix in the base.

These candy canes have a 20-bulb string inside, with bulbs that don't have the shunt, so when one goes out, they all go out. I can live with that. How can I find replacements?

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I ran into this last year and was only able to find 1 vendor (who's name I don't remember now) where I could get replacement bulbs.  The upshot was that a pack of replacement bulbs (like 5) was more expensive than just buying a new candy cane! 

So I bought a few extra at the end-of-season sales as well as saving the remaining bulbs when I had a failure.  You do that a couple of times and now you've got your own supply of replacements 🙂

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What is the bulb Base? Wires folded over a plastic prong?

For those, you usually unfold the old and pull out, the reverse, trimming the excess lead so it lays in the grouve.

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I figured it out.

The problem was that I found a bag of bulbs labeled "5v", which I thought said "6v", close enough anyway.

The issue was that these "5v" bulbs are 6mm in diameter instead of the usual 5mm. I assumed incorrectly that the "5v" bulbs I found were typical bulbs, and thus that led me to the wrong conclusion that the bulbs in my candy canes were smaller in diameter than normal.

Now that I know the bulbs are the normal 5mm size, I can simply order some 20-bulb strings from 1000bulbs.com (unless you have a better source for incandescent strings).

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