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I've changed settings on all my controllers to try to communicate with 4 ch. with ELL that is mounted down the street based on input from a knowledgable user on this  forum.  Now none of my controllers are being found in HU.  What other changes must I make to communicate with my controllers?  

Thank-You, Mark  

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You don't need to change any setting on your controllers. You only need to configure the ELL settings, frequency, speed and power. Leave all the controller settings the same they were when they were working. Your CTB04-ELL is like two things combined into one box, a four port controller and the ELL. You set the four port controller just like any other controller then you have to configure the ELL side separately.

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It's all jacked up now.  The ELL 4 ch will not populate in HU.  When I select show on demand the music plays but no lights.  I do find 16 ch both 1 and 2 in HU and they do light up when forced by console.  The settings I've chosen are

115200 speed

15dBm 32 mw in power level

Earlier I disconnected the home ELL and ran cat 5 to controller 1 and selected 115200 then uncooked it and hooked uo controller 2 and did the same.  

Neither of the 4 ch ELL will populate in HU refresh either hard wired or through RF.  They are in the garage very close to the home ELL.  I really got it messed up now.  


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