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This is my first year working with Light O Rama. I bought a set of 10 sequences from eBay. Each sequence had two files for each sequence ( music and light control? ),and I downloaded both. How do I get them to work together on a SD card. I bought the LOR TSO showtime central starter package in the LOR online-store and software. Does the SD card have to be a specific type or model? Any help or advice would be great appreciated. Thank you. 

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You need a Kingston SD Card.   Other SD Card manufacturers may or may not work.  Mostly they won't.  Also make sure the SD Card isn't a larger capacity than your Director unit can utilize.  Some Directors are limited to specific sizes of SD Card, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB.  You need to know which director you have and it's SD Card capacity.  Wrong size card and it won't work.

As for the files you got off E-Bay, were they an MP3 and an .lms file?    the .lms file should be almost identical in name to the MP3, as these would be a "set" for the sequence to function with it's corresponding MP3 music file.  Which the MP3 music file is usually NOT included in purchasing a sequence unless the seller has obtained special permission and licensing to do so.  Mot often you have to purchase the MP3 yourself at places like Amazon, CDBaby or other legal music selling sites.

Also what license level do you have?  None shows in your Name area on the forum, it shows N/A.   No license = No Light Control, as you'd be in Demo mode, and the Demo does not allow you to Control Lights.

Also more info is needed as to what type lights are you using and controller type?    Standard CTB16PC AC Controller that controls standard plug in strand lights, L.E.D., Incandescent?    RGB Controllers and RGB lighting?  Which requires an Advanced{minimum} or PRO license level to use them, depending on the RGB Controller.

Having much more info here would be beneficial to get you the help you need.

And to write the show to the SD Card, you need an SD Card Reader/Writer and use The Hub program that's part of the LOR Software Suite to write your show too.

The more info you can supply us with, the better we can help you with answers to your questions.

Welcome to the Hobby.



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