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manually creating chasing arched in the S5


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I have used S3 and S4 for my RGB lights for many years and now switching to the S5. I like to sometimes manually make my arches or post move to the beat. Typically I would use the chase function and chase from one end of the arch to the other etc... In the S5 the channel listing only has one channel. It does not display every pixel, so I can't select the first bulb and chase it to the last bulb like in S4. How do I do this in S5? Thanks!

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One way I do it is to use a motion effect on my arch prop(s).


Try using a spiral chasing from right to left and see what you think of it.

I also use straight lines on them and vary the filled space. You can apply multiple colors to it.



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No I don't think you are...To get you started on the concept try this.  In the effects01  area for your arch put in an effect for 10 seconds or so. Try using the blended bar effect and choose 2 colors.   If you want a chase with one color remember black is a color and choose say blue and black. Then play with the options for direction, width speed etc. Note also too that you can create an arch group consisting of all your arches and apply effects to it also. Once you get this simple test to work explore the other motion effects. You can do a lot. Let us know if that helps.

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