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Light-O-Rama version 4.4.12 released

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Today we released version 4.4.12 of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite.  This is an official production release, not a beta release.  This release includes several bug fixes.

During this time of year we refrain from making major changes to the software and only release bug fixes and stability improvements for running shows.  You should always be updating to the most current release to ensure you have these critical fixes and improvements.

How to check if your license covers this version

To check whether or not your license covers this version, please go to the license retrieval page, and enter your email address (the one you purchased your license with). An email should then be sent to you with information about your license. The "Summary" section of the email will tell you whether or not your license covers the latest version.

If the email says...

  • Your license covers the latest version, 4.4.*.

... then your license already covers this version.  You can use it without making any additional purchase.  Please note, though, that your computer may not yet understand that your license covers this version, so when you install, it might tell you that you are running in Demo mode.  In this case, simply reactivate your license (for example, via "Upgrade Light-O-Rama" on the Sequence Editor's "Help" menu), and your computer will then learn that your license is valid for this version.

On the other hand, if the email instead says...

  • Your license does not cover the latest version, 4.4.*.

... then your license does not cover this version.  In that case, you have several options:


Upgrading or Renewing Your License

(1) You can continue using whatever version your license does cover (for example, perhaps your license covers version 4.1).

(2) If you want to take this opportunity to increase your license level to take advantage of additional features, you can purchase a license level upgrade.  This counts as a license renewal too - that is, your license will now work with this new version (and some future versions too).  So, if you do this, there is no reason to also purchase a license renewal.

(3) If you already own a Light-O-Rama license, but you do not currently own Light-O-Rama SuperStar, or if you want to upgrade SuperStar to a higher number of CCRs/channels, you could purchase or upgrade SuperStar.  This also counts as a license renewal for the rest of the Light-O-Rama software suite, so if you do this, there is no reason to also purchase a license renewal.  Please note that you must already own a license for the rest of the Light-O-Rama software suite in order to take this option.

(4) If you do not want to purchase a license level upgrade or Light-O-Rama SuperStar, you can purchase a license renewal.  Your license will now work with the new version (and some future versions too), at the same license level as it currently does.  For example, if you have an Advanced license, it will remain an Advanced license, but it will now cover the new version of software.

What's New in Version 4.4.12

  • Fixed a potential hang when the Show Player plays a song with parentheses in the file name.
  • In the Hardware Utility, under some circumstances a firmware update or parameter update of a controller can cause it to hang/crash.
  • In the Show Editor, allow protected sequences to be selected for triggered shows.
  • In the Show Editor, the default tab is now the 'Musical' tab.
  • In LOR Hub, creating a simple PC show with 11 or more sequences could lead to corruption of the list of sequences to be run.

How To Get the Latest Version

You can download the new version from the software download page. If that page lists a different version number as the latest version, please click your browser's refresh button.  4.4.12 can be found towards the bottom of the page in the 'Past Versions'  section

Thank You!

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