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How do you modify a prop in a LOR purchased sequence


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ok, I'm new to the LOR, but recently purchased 2 x 16 channel controllers,  as well as a pixie16 controller. As part of the package, I puchased the show director with FM transmitter, and the signature series  Trans-Siberian Orchestra plug & show (can modify). Where I'm running into problems is with my pixie16 controller, I'm setting up a pixel tree (16x 100), but the sequences will only run on a 8 x 50 (1 fold). Based on the documentation I have to change my unit id to 80 to utilize the 16 x100, I've done that and changed the prop definition to 16x100, nothing works, if I put it to unit I'd 40 for the supported tree, I get 8 x50 that work perfectly? How do I change / modify a sequence to support the 16x100 tree? For some reason I can figure it out. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. 

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