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I'm planning on ordering the InputPup to play around with this year.  I've considered connecting an input to an Insteon I/O Linc, which I'd control via sun events in NodeRED.  But instead of this software to hardware to hardware to hardware and back to software approach, I'm hoping that LOR S5 has some sort of hook, like an .exe that simply sets a trigger, or commands a different sequence or show.  Is there a way to automate LOR using software, or am I bound to the primitive Schedule Editor and InputPup hardware triggers in a show?

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I save a couple steps from what you planned.  I have a light sensor that triggers (via an InputPup) my year round evening landscaping show to start when it is getting dark.  Then I have a second light sensor that triggers (via the InputPup) my overnight show to shut down when the sun comes up - I'll let you stew on that second one for a bit on how I did that...


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