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Install the software version you use on the new machine.

Copy the entire lor data folder structure into the same location on the new machine. Usually in users/username/lor.

You may have to re associate the music files and video or picture files if you use any.

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10 hours ago, Anton said:

is there a special way to transfer file to new computer when i try a show it tell me it dosnt recognize  file extention 

How did you transfer the files over?

I use an external HD and like Phill Massey stated, copied the entire working directory, MAIN FOLDER and ALL SUB-FOLDERS to the new computer AFTER I have first installed the LOR Software Suite.  Now when I install the software on a new computer I use the EXACT same settings as I did on the initial system.  Then I do a COPY and PASTE of my C:\LOR folder to the new computer.

Once completed, I've never had any issues with file extensions not being recognized or changed.  Every sequence and MP3 file I transferred over worked 100% perfectly.

Now if you used some other software or means to transfer the files, like trying to do a backup and restore, that won't work very well and you'll end up with the issues you describe as a backup is strictly for the system you took it from to be restored too.   Restoring it to another system could cause the files being restored to become corrupted or damaged, and possibly be the reason you're having issues with the transfer.

You can use any type device, USB Memory Stick, SD Card, External HD or even burn the files to a CD or DVD, as long as the media you use has enough space for all the files in the folder, it would work fine.   But if you have say a LOR folder that is 48.3GB in size{this is the actual size of my LOR Folder}, then a 64GB SD Card would suffice for the copying and pasting of the LOR Folder to the new computer.

Warning: Depending on how large your LOR Folder is, it may take several hours to copy it to the SD Card or other.media you select, and it will take approximately the same amount of time to paste it to where you need it on the new system.   There is no faster or easy way to do it.

Good Luck on getting those files transferred over!


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