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adding new 16channel controller and comsic color ribbons to exisitng set up


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I had just gotten into using light o rama last year with a show time central package. I have purchased a 16 channel add on controller and comsic color II ribbons fr this year's show.  Since I wasn't that familiar with the sequencer software last year I want to get some guidance on how to add the new controller and cosmic color ribbons to my existing shows in the S5 sequencer. Any tips or instructions would be helpful to make sure I am doing it correctly.  I believe I have to add the cosmic color ribbon in my preview and set the unit ID to 2 and then I can sequence the ribbon.  Do I have to add the controller also?




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You can learn a lot from these videos by Aubrey. 


But to answer your question a little bit you don't need to necessary add the controller into the preview for the ribbons or the CTB16PC but you will need to add the props in which will be connected to those devices. So i am assuming you already have 1 CTB16PC which is using unit id 01, so when setting the channel info for the new props that will use the new controller you will need to set them to unit id 02. I am not sure exactly what you purchased for your ribbons... im thinking maybe a CCCII controller with a few strips, if so that will have 2 ports, since that is a pixel device each output/port (or channel as thats what you are used too) are no longer channels they are units. so port 1 would be unit id 03 and port 2 would be unit id 04.

Be sure to set your unit IDs in the hardware utility. For the pixel device you only need to set the starting unit id which would be 03 as in the above example. You can also set the unit IDs physically using the dip switches if you prefer.

Keep in mind that with pixels you will need to be running an enhanced network using the red high speed adapter. Your CTB16PCs can run on that enhanced network as well as long as they are v3 or newer. 


Hope this helps. 

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