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Always Insure Your Shipments

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I am trying to assist another member with his pixie controller as I often do. He sent it to me last week and it was sup to be delivered yesterday.

I am not sure if he did but I had warned him about shipping and asked him to insure it for the replacement cost.

Since I didnt receive it yesterday I checked the tracking # and it said it was shipped from California on the 3rd and delivered in California on the 4th.  It was also signed for and I had a name.

It said on the tracking it was to be delivered in Alabama to my home.

I contacted Fedex executive branch. Yes I have them on speed dial due to all of the problems I have had in the past.

They informed me that it appeared that their are two boxes with the same tracking number.

Upon further review it turned out to be a "mis scan".

The new delivery date is 13 Nov however the executive team got involved they have changed the shipment to a priority and guarantee it will be delivered tomorrow.

Bottom line, no matter what always insure your Christmas stuff if sending any place. Luckily so far the package is still in transit but it could have went in another direction.



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Shocking that FedEx would do something like that.... 🙄   I had shipments from fedex already go on cross country vacations, where it would arrive in my state go to the local hub for my area then all of a sudden leave my state and travel a few states away to return back to my state. This happened to me on a numerous of occasions. The response from fedex was "I don't know why your package did that". 

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