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My Halloween 2008 display


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I hesitated to put my videos up for two reasons, but did anyway.

1, the videos did not come out very good. The purple lights under the eves and on my spider did not show up well on the video, though when viewing in person looked great and:

2, after I shot the video I noticed I had plugged the two channels for my pumpkin mouth in backwards, and I did not have time to redo the video.

I am pleased with one of the radio spots I made because the spider web, 12 channels of lights, worked out well. Please keep in mind when your watching the radio spot video is was meant as a prank on the people veiwing the display.

radio spot, small world-

Anyway, you can check all of them out at - http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=BumbleRadio&view=videos

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