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Hi guys, in the meantime, sorry for my text translated online, I hope you understand. This year, like every year, the first problem to be solved could not be missing, as indeed happens to everyone. Let me explain. When viewing with VI, I see that some channels are not lit at the same time as they are turned on SE, then all of a sudden they light up. I am trying and trying again, trying to understand, but I have finished the tests, I think this point is the pc, but it seems strange to me, because I have 16gb of ram, a 2.6ghz intel I7-6700 HQ, an Nvidia Gforce GTX 950M video card , everything runs on win10 home. I'm afraid it will also happen during the show. The sequence is one of the heaviest I have, about 520MB, it doesn't seem that big to me, but it's the first time this has happened to me, so I can't understand. Ah, the channels that don't turn on, as described above, are on Pixie 16 LORs. Thanks to those who can help me ............. we hope it ends here for this year. Bye and thanks again

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