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moving pictures on pixel tree


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2 hours ago, Timothyhutchins said:

where is a good place to get animated pictures for the pixel tree?

Animated pictures? Or movie clips? 

You can make images move in both sequencer and superstar. 

I think you are more referring to images that are moving in sequence like a dancing Santa? I would suggest superstar for this, there should be lots of videos online on how to do this in superstar. 

If you were referring to movie clips you can download any clip you want, convert it to avi or wmv and insert as a motion effect in sequencer. Make sure the videos are clear and are not over complicated with tons of different shades of colours. You’re looking for more basic videos with vibrant colours for the best results. 

Hope this somewhat answers for question. 

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One thing I always suggest. 

Always find the best looking , lowest resolution pictures to add to your tree or matrix. The more you have to reduce it to fit the more distorted it gets.

In this case it is best if you have the prop handy to test on especially with the time it takes to create something just to have it look awful on the prop.


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