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S5 Importing some Sequences Upside Down


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Trying to build sequences from my S5 sequences and this morning I ran in to this problem. I am on 5.5.6 

Imported an S4 created CCR Tree sequence 16x50, this is a created, not purchased sequence that plays fine in S4 Vis, played fine in Halloween shows the past several years.

I imported the tree sequence in to S5, copied it in to my preview and it plays upside down.

Here the funny part.

After seeing that I painstakingly copied row for row in the reverse order, it played exactly the same. Now I am trying to figure out why both instances are happening. If I copy and paste in the reverse order it should have either corrected the problem, not made it exactly the same.

After that I imported a purchased Superstar CCR tree and it tested fine. I then imported a Holiday Sequences tree and it also worked.

Help or thoughts appreciate. Little Red Riding Hood has been in my show every year since I built my first RGB prop.


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