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S4 channels work, new S5 channels not


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I converted from S4 to S5 this summer, Halloween is the 1st time running the show under S5.  All of my sequences converted just fine to S5, but I wanted to add 2 new channels to each of my Halloween sequences. I added the 2 new channels in the Preview and setup the desired timings in each sequence.  1st night of running the show, no sequence displayed/ran the new channels.  So, I opened several sequences in the editor and run the sequence with 'control the lights' on;  the new channels did exactly as programmed-the lights came on as programmed.  So, I thought I'd open each sequence and forced a save, then run the 'compress' on the shows--I did receive messages that sequences were compressed.  Again, the show begins and the new channels are working--nothing, always off.

 Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?      I checked the LORInternal directory and there are new LCS files, created at the time I did the compress.


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Just thought I'd do a follow-up, I figured out my issue.  1st issue was that I had reloaded Windows 10 to fix a problem I was having deploying S5.5.6 and had forgot to re-register S5.  The 2nd issue  (I guess) was that I had created my shows' schedule under the unregistered version and the show player was still running the shows as unregistered.  Because when I deleted my existing schedule and recreated the schedule, everything started working correctly.

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