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Halloween night test for Christmas

Ed P

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So this year I happened on the LOR site on July 7 just in time to catch the last day of the sale. So I bought a 16 channel starter set-up. And to get a feel for things I thought I'd try it on Halloween. I got a Ghostbuster sequence off Lorsequences and made it more general. I did a primitive sequence using the software to learn sequencing for Monster Mash, Adams Family and short version of Toccata and Fogue. Just plugged what ever Halloween stuff we had into the controller. Some orange light strings, purple icecles, pumpkin strings, frankstein strings, small light up pumpkins, a large 3x4 light up ghost net. Put some outside speakers out and plugged it all in and presto, we had an exciting house for Halloween. I enjoyed it a lot but you don't get many complements from Trick or Treaters (grab candy and go) but I noticed some parents and neighbors in the street watching and swaying to music.

What did I learn?
You need a lot of extension cords. I can see you need some idea what thing will light up on what channel. You can notice slightly off sequencing to the music so polishing stuff is good. But having lots of lights flash on and off with music is way cool!

Will I continue doing Halloween?
Well, I ran out to Walmart last night and bought 6 large light-up pumpkins for $3.25 each so I can have some multiple things next year to sequence some better effects.

Now I have to get ready for Christmas. It will be fun. It will be similiarly on a small scale using what I already have but what ever I end up it will be fun and better looking than I ever had my house look for Christmas.

Ed P.
Newbie - But already thinking I wish I had more channels.

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It certainly is an eye opener. I know when I did my first show and I got all the equipment then was like, huh now I need 16 extension cords, DAMN!

Thank goodness for the Mini-Price store. Blinking lights is cool but, making it look great and getting the fitness just so is what makes a good show great! Keep up the good work and welcome to 2-channel-i-tis. Where you always want more....

Happy Decorating.

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I did exactly the same thing last year. This year I have 80 channels and the Extension cord thing really freaked me out! (they're really expensive!) One thing that I have learned from last year to this is SPT2 cable. (Lamp cord mostly) You can buy it in bulk from Home Depot and then buy vampire male and female plugs online to make increasing your number of channels more affordable.

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For two years now, I have used Halloween as a test platform. In particular:

  • Get two or three weeks of run time on the software release to be used on two Christmas shows.
  • Refresh familiarity with the product in show operation use.
  • Test new elements/tech to be used in Christmas use. This year, for example:

    • Test of multiple networks
    • Test of iDMX and LED wall washers.

Usually I learn a thing or two that makes Christmas go that much smoother, and at minimum, really helps keep any worries at bay.

- Kevin

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