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Basic info please... how to buy music license?


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I'm just starting, and am not very computer literate, but have created a preview, with the channels corresponding to our yard decor, and now I need to buy the music to load. (We are doing "Ghostbusters") I went to Amazon, bought the single song MP3, downloaded it, but when I got Sequencer to see it, and asked it to do Beat Wizard it pops up that "your license does not support this feature: Beat Wizard" And that I can only preview with it, not create a sequence. Does that mean the MUSIC license, or my license for the software? (I have Basic, and one 16 channel controller)

It may also be where I saved the music? Where is best to save it on the computer.

Please, someone, help me with what I am not understanding!

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It's talking about the software licence level. You need basic plus for access to the beat wizard.

You can store the music where you like, but it would be best if you keep it in the Audio folder in the LOR folders 

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Ah! Thank you! 
Have now purchased the upgrade. 

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