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Am I using Hub the right way?


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Hi folks


My question is about using HUB to create the SD cards for G3MP3 show director. 

My "Show" for Halloween is 8 short animated sequences running sequentially between 6:30pm & 11:30pm on an ELOR 2 network (Reg + Aux A) setup. 

Every time I update one of the animations and I want to reload the show I have to:

  1. Change directory
  2. Load the sequences to the show
  3. Reorder the sequences
  4. Reset the start & End Time
  5. Tell the wizard I have 2 ports
  6. Reconfigure both network speeds for 500k (it defaults to the slower speed)
  7. Then create the show on the card

If at any time it fails (which happens at either step 3 or 7) I have to start over.

I am hoping this is me being a noob and there is some way to save all of the above settings as some kind of "show" and load cards much quicker. Am I missing something?

I know that in this version of Hub you can edit cards that are already created but I don't always use the same card for the show vs those used for testing. If that's the way to go then I might have to start doing that instead.

Thanks in advance as ever. 






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Save a copy of the show to your HD. Copy the files to the SD card when you want to edit the show.

Make the edits, it will write to the SD card. Save a copy of those new files, if you wish.

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