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Holidaydaysequences 40% off Sequences Sale

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Well the Raiders went out and gave the Chiefs there first loss today as the Raiders scored 40 points so you know what that means 40% off all sequences at www.Holidaysequences.com this week Starts on 10-12-2020 and ends on 10-16-2020. I hope all our customers are enjoying all the discounts for the past weeks. I can see so many customers are really enjoying the discounts week after week as well as the triple threat sequences that go on sale every week as well.

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6 minutes ago, JD. said:

I too would be interested in AC light sequences, I didn't see them on the site either.  I have 16 channels currently and plan to expand it next year.

You can convert the RGB house light sequences to AC very easy. takes only a few minutes.


15 hours ago, LaughsBrightly said:

Doesn't look you have any AC light sequences?

Very easy to convert

See below

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Anyone looking to convert the RGB house light sequences to AC

1- Open your sequence

2- Open the LMS file you receive from HS

3- Find the prop effects you like and want to place in your layout. ei; house outline

4- open one RGB row where in shows you R,G,B (greyed out)

5- select the "red" color row 

6- Copy in to your sequence

Remember your AC lights are based on whatever color you have in your prop. 

Now once you venture in to RGB world you will have the sequence.


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