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Favorite Store bought prelit Decorations?


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looking for some ideas..

just seeing if y’all have any input! 

Where did you get it, if it’s still available, post a link if you can! 
I already know we want a lighted nativity. Preferably not blow molds.  
some suggestions or experiences with those would be nice too.

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We bought a wooden nativity from Menards a couple years ago with a complete set of blow molds for it. I think we have Mary, Joseph, three wisemen, camel, another couple animals 

We've done a lot with store bought candy canes in the past....they work well in groups of 4, 8, or 16. Always great for when I need to fill a couple channels.

Also, my wife loves her toy solder blow molds....about 3' I think and they guard the entrance to our show. In the Mr. Christmas days/LOR year 1 we put a candle on either side of a soldier in 4 groups that looked pretty cool.

Also, Big Lots and Wal-Mart carry 7' metal collapsible metal frame trees with blinking bulbs. They work great for static shows and when we went LOR we pulled the wires/bulbs and wrapped 8 strands of lights on each and had "megatrees" that dropped right into the LOR sold sequences. I think they are $40 new and we got them for $15 on clearance after Christmas.

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Not exactly prelit...but we bought this nativity set off of Amazon. 


I have a spotlight on it that I have connected to an AC controller.  

Coincidentally enough...we had ordered a lighted Nativity from Home Depot...it just somehow never made it to my house with FedEx. 


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