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S5 hub won't play my videos during show.


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Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help me out! I recently upgraded to s5. I Check all my halloween songs that I had in S4. Everything works as it did in s4 that is now in s5 sequencer(Which I was happy I had no issues.) I setup my show thru the hub and thats when my trouble starts. My show only plays the songs without video mp3 files. I have 4 songs with mp4 video and the cp says error windows media player error(error playing media file) then goes to the next song... I  changed the file from mp4 to avi but still won't play the video during the show(hub). In s5 sequencer the video plays along with the sequence fine. Before I revert back to s4 I thought I would ask for help. Please any thoughts on this would be great! Lastly, this show is the same one I did 2019 in s4 and no issues. Thanks for your time.

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I just tested it using the Show Editor and Show on Demand by throwing a random mp4 into one of my sequences and it worked fine. Is this for a director or pc playback.

Does the video play in Windows Media Player outside of LOR.

Did you convert the file to AVI or just change the extension.. Also try a completely different mp4 and see if it works.

You can also load and play the old S4 .LMS in the Show Player too as a test

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