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IDMX-1000: Works in HU, not in SE

Paul Masterson

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Hi, I am trying to controls my Snow Machine via the DMX-1000 controller. I have read a few items in the forum and tried to replicate the fixes, but to no avail. Here is where I am at:

LOR version: 4.4.6


  • Set iDMX-1000 to E1 (read that the default E0 if Legacy and the recommendation was to more to some other ID
  • In the Test Console, if I move channel three above 128, the snow machine turns on
  • Success (or so I thought)



  • Regular network, enhanced COM3
  • Add an LOR controller, set the UNIT ID to E1, Channel to 3
  • Set intensity ON for this (and all 16 channels in E0) and nothing


I went back, set it to E0, Test Console in DMX (channel 3) turns on the snow machine. Added a device (iDMX 1000), selected channel 3 and still nothing. Not sure what is wrong, test console has everything working well but SE is triggering nothing.


  • PC
  • LOR version: 4.4.6 Pro
  • COM3, Enhanced
  • USB485B
  • Idmx-1000 
  • 3 pin DMX cables  (in and out connected)
  • Snowmachine


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