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Using S5 and have some "dummy" props in sequence that I plan to use in the future. They are sequenced, but all put on AuxB network. They are not configured as unassigned, as

some of the prop is being used. Thus, I have part of the props channels on Reg network and part of the props (dummy) section on AuxB.

I am using only Reg and AuxA network for my show.

Question is will I have any issues with playback since I have props sequenced with channels configured for AuxB, but AuxB not setup in my

Network Configuration?

Will there be any speed issues with playback?

Only using LOR AC controllers and NO pixels or dumb RGB.

Please advise.




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Here my educated guess.  If you do have AuxB assigned in Network Preferences, but do not have an adapter on that network (even if there is nothing connected to that adapter), the Show Player will likely complain that it can't open the network adapter for that network.  If you do not have AuxB assigned in Network Preferences, it could go one of two ways  One would be that the Show Player will complain that there is no network adapter assigned for the AuxB network, or two it could ignore that fact and play away.  My guess is that it will not work out well.


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