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DMX fog machine use with showtime central


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Hi all- I've been running an LOR show (no dmx/pixels etc) for about 7 years now, my show is 96 channels. I run the show off of a card via showtime central. (my LOR software is 3.12.0 Standard) 

This year I decided for the first time to do a 'baby' halloween show- only 16 channels. We've had a fog machine for several years, a fancy pants/theatrical quality one that my husband found for a steal. This machine will smoke up 1/2 a block with fog!  My husband wants to integrate it into the show and that would be great- seeing fog roll through our cemetery during Thriller for example. He emailed lightorama and they said he needed to buy the iDMXS-1000 to integrate the machine into our standard controllers but I'm still not sure how it will really work. I'm the one who has built the shows and programmed controllers etc in the past and he helps me hook everything up.

I've read the user manual and it just isn't that simple and I'm unsure if I can still use my showtime central with this idmx controller etc. They also say helpful things like 'only LOR 2 software can handle software with 256 channels' but I can't tell if I have LOR 2 software. 

Can this work in the way I want it to with both a standard 16 channel controller and the idmxs daisy chained together and run through showtime central?

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The issue with a fogger is that it needs to stay heated. You would plug the fogger into a regular outlet to keep it supplied with power 100% of the time. Then  you would use LOR through the IDMX1000 to act as the switch to initiate the fog. 

Or you could do something like this:


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