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Selling everything - Calgary Alberta Canada.


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Hi everyone.

I was planning to get back into light shows this year after a few years off with a bigger and better show. However my life and priorities have changed so I will be selling everything.

I need to down size and just don't have the space or the energy to keep doing this.

My last real show was in 2016, this video should give you an idea of some of what my display looked like:

For sale:

30x - WS2811 RGB strips - 30 led per meter white pcb 12v (New and unused from December 2019) | $16 CAD each or $300 CAD for all.

2x - Alphapix 4 (gen 1) controllers (From 2015) | $55 CAD each

1x - Sandevices E6804 (From 2019, tested but never used in a display.) | $70 CAD

1x 16 channel LOR controller - Planet Christmas version Gen 2 With lamp cord and vampire plugs (From 2011 or 2012) | $110 CAD

1x Holiday Coro monster face with white incans (From 2015) | $50 CAD

2x Raspberry Pi B+ boards (from 2015) | $10 CAD each


There are also: 

- PVC frames that can be cut and modified to fit a new layout.

- 12ft tall projection screen.

- Various floodlights, and 120v led and incandescent strings.

- several 12v and one 5v power-supplies. 

- Various WS2811 strips used in display.

- And a lot of other stuff not cataloged here...

None of the above has a fixed price.


Just to be clear: All prices are in CAD, not USD.

If someone local wants everything I will sell my entire display for $1300 CAD


I will start posting pictures over the next day.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me anything.

I'm also open to negotiations.

Thanks for reading.

Take care.

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