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Too much going on to sequence

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I know the feeling!  I'm realizing how much work I still need to get completed!  Thank God I got the majority of sequencing changes completed (or at least well on the way) while I was off recovering from surgery in the middle of the year...


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3 hours ago, ItsMeBobO said:

Two kids doing school from home.

Both parents working from home.

The every fourth year news cycle keeps pinging me over and over. 

Gotta shut this all out and get stuff done!  

I am in your club, children at home and all. At this time normally my Halloween is up and tested for 1 Oct.

At this time today I have 2 props up and not one sequence ready for HAlloween. LOL :(

I am sure it will all work out somehow.

Best wishes to you and your family.


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This year I have painted the interior, replaced all my floors and right now I am having a new 900sf covered deck installed and all new siding. I have crews all over my yard and I have told them they need to be done, cleaned up and gone by October 5th. I'm gonna be cutting it close this year.

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Glad I no longer do Halloween, but since my decent computer died and now using an even older and SLOWER than a snail system, I doubt I'm even going to have much done for Christmas either. :(    That and one of our Florida Senators {Marco Rubio} wants to keep us on the extended daylight time through November 2021 {and would like to keep it that way from now on all year long}.🤬 

I hope not, because if we go on this stupid extended daylight time as this guy wants {I'd much prefer STANDARD TIME}, then it won't even be dark enough 'til around 8:30pm or even later before it gets dark in my area.  And if that happens I won't be putting up any outside displays because it just won't be worth all the work just to run it for perhaps 1 hour a night, if that.   So if this Senator gets his way, we won't be going back to Standard Time in November 2020, but would "possibly go back" in November 2021. {Which I preferred the Fall back time change happen in October like it used to be BEFORE Halloween!}

And that's just part of why I gave up doing Halloween, and now if they keep extended daylight time, I may as well just quit doing outside Christmas displays too.   Just aggravates me no end.🤬 

Standard Time was the ORIGINAL time and if we stop DST, then it should go back to STANDARD Time all year, NOT extended daylight all year long!

So if this happens, I'll do indoor displays only, where I can black out the rooms and just have my own private displays from now on.

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I am in the same boat. Ended up skipping Halloween show this year to make Christmas show even better than prior...I will be lucky if it is close to as good as last year at this rate. Coffee and early mornings with fingers crossed! 

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